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The New Transformed Self – how did it begin.

One day in 2011 a friend approached me in a Sydney bar and offered to pay me if I helped her move forward as she saw my recent struggles and difficulties and the way I was moving out of them as a way forward for herself. At this time my business was floundering, I was going through a terrible relationship break up, my confidence was down to zero, I was unemployed but still developing my business in the old way from a new state in Australia after I had moved away from what was a punishing group of people who I knew where just wrong for me in my life. So always up for an adventure, I accepted her offer. An entrepreneur was born.

Obviously, such things don’t happen in a vacuum. I had developed a bit of a reputation around town/s over the previous years. Whether that reputation was good or bad depended on who you asked, but it got around that I knew what I was doing around assisting people through their current issues no matter what and that I could zero in on the exact issues and behaviors of any person safely and quickly.

I continued from 2011, as a full-time professional personal growth coach for people. In 2011, I became sick of the industry and the toxic advice within it including my own. I re-wrote my first work book and how I delivered it to people. Transformed Self as a work book to assist people to address broader issues in their life became alive and vibrant again. I provided this self help book whilst working with the user, personally one to one, so people actually then begin writing their own books themselves using the Transformed Self method. The book has taken off, selling well without any marketing or mainstream promotion. As I branched out into deeper issues of the core shames we carry within us, how they affects our self-worth, and the ever changing cultural landscape we share, so has this site.

In 2013, I had begun writing about larger cultural issues — gender relations, masculinity, psychological development, and cultural perspectives I had gathered while living and travelling in various countries around the world. Despite the fact that the business was directed at core shame issues and how they cause harm in our lives, I was receiving lots of request’s from people to begin an actual hand book for them to read and remind them of Transformed Self’s daily teachings, I am currently writing articles to achieve this actual book called Transformed Self – A Daily Reminder.

Surrounding this small book is my story of gender Transition and as I am currently working through the issues of living in the world as a man and writing short positive statements about the complexity's of how I am witnessing the world through a mans eyes and finding the reactions toward myself as a man and being stunned at the male privilege I now have and that people actually listen to me more closely as a male than when I was a powerful woman has been gobsmacking to say the least. The book is developing well and I look forward to its publication soon.

Also within this developing book are the bad mistakes I made in my consulting practice, my own core shames and how they caused an avalanche of headaches for me and of course how I recovered with the ability to take responsibility for my shared part in the break downs with people.

No one is bad or evil in this world, we all just need to realise we have a part in each breakdown and get on with changing the behaviours that caused it and then ultimately moving into forgiveness for ones self mistakes and allowing others to be forgiven, a hard thing to do but definitely worth it.

That same year, I made the leap to change the direction of this site and domain, broadening the demographics for whom I write for. At the moment, you’ll notice most of the material is written by my clients which is done in poetry and essence statements from their attendance in the 4 day course Transformed Self over the many years I have been teaching it.


Loz works in and around the lands of the Wurundjeri and Boonwurrung people of the Kulin Nations.

Loz recognises that Aboriginal sovereignty has never been ceded and pay respect to Elders past, present & emerging.

Always was, always will be Aboriginal land.

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