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I AM THE LAKE by Miss Vivienne

I am the lake,

I am the murky depths,

I am the shimmering sunlit surface.


I am still,

and moving

at once.


I can be warm,

and cold

In the same instance.


I can support life

Or I can drown it.


I am an oasis,

and an inhospitable place.


I am home,

Or a strange land.


I can be empty or full,

But I remain a lake


I am shallow and deep,

All at once.


I am welcoming,

and formidable together.


I am sweet relief,

Or avoided foe.


I am, 

At my deepest place,


Weightless and Free.


I carve through earth.

I make my own way,

With no one to guide me

Yet I know my path.


I am forever changing,

Yet constant and the same time.


The outside forces,

They touch my surface,

And change my shape

But in my depths

I remain

Still, Silent, Dark and Free.


Miss Vivienne
TS - September 2008

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