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Spirituality using the Transformed Self (TS): by Loz Visser

It is important for all culture and societies to develop a sense of who they are and why they are the way they are. It is important to always validate our origins and thank them deeply for the lessons we have learned and are about to learn.

Transformed Self would rather have their partipants validated by firstly acknowledging the people of their land, the original custodians of the land, in every TS course. Also all TS facilitators begin the opening statement by validating that every person is whole and full just the way they are.

The 2 forms of spiritual belief is then explained:

1.The Many Concepts View

Over the ages may religions, new age courses, beliefs and concepts have been developed, made up, made sense of, analysed and talked about. The main aspect of all these courses is that WE have the answer to your problems. TS do not believe that the answers are outside of a person, education and learning is but not the fundamental answers to how one feels about themselves.

The light or God or Existence or whatever a person believes in is often placed outside of a participant and therefore this then states that the participant is empty and/or devoid of any natural "essence".

This conceptual understanding therefore creates a longing in a person and a craving that they need something outside of themselves.

This concept then creates greed and this greed is manifested in longing such as: More money and wealth, more connection to existence which then creates the Guru complex which is simply this: people having more knowledge about something than you and making money from it.

Guru means teacher and the main concern for teachers is to simply teach what they know and learn new concepts and place them into their skills pouch for the continued healing of their clients.

All teachers are to be healthy and I believe must have an understanding from within their own being for their theory to be sound. Teachers need to be able to take responsibility for their shortcomings and take time out when they are unable to function at their best potential. The wounded healer or teacher is archetype for a self-actualized journey. This process is important to the young teacher.  S/He undergoes a type of issue that can and will at times push them to the brink of death. This happens for two reasons: The teachers crosses over to the under world or negatively lived life. This happens so the teacher can venture to its depths to bring back vital information for the client, and the community as a whole. The teacher must become empathic to understand the problem or challenge. When the teacher overcomes his own challenges s/he will hold the cure to heal all that suffer. This is the uncanny mark of the wounded teacher and/or healer.

All teachers need to have someone who can supervise them and give them feedback and heal them on a constant and life long basis.

2.The Wholeness concept

When one is Whole they go into a non-dual relationship with existence and they are connected to all around them, there is no judgement.

This then gives the person the ability to feel divine within and not rely on anything outside of them.

This second concept is so simple that it now perplexes me why religion or outside belief structures exists at all. The reasons TS believes religion exists is that religion is made and for spiritual and financial greed. Most religious people would be horrified at what I am saying but I challenge you all to take a good long hard look at the religions of the world and see that most are cause turmoil and conflict.

I also believe that spirituality is different to religion.

Spirituality is about the breath we breathe and the need we have on all of nature to survive. This is the greed that the world is so unconscious too and it’s about time that everyone on the planet stopped and did something kind for the earth.

The Map of the 2 different Spiritual beliefs looks like this...

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