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What is essence to me? by Hayley Boss

The first gasp of air and relieved cry
The rawness you feel when saying goodbye

The wholeness you are giving birth to your first
When you feel for someone your heart could just burst

The warmth of the suns rays on your skin
When you're not judgemental of her or of him

How grounded you are when content with your life
The joy you feel when asked to be someone's wife

The sound of branches crunching beneath your feet
The intensity you feel with a person you first meet

When no challenge is too big or scary
When your Grandmother is a white witch named Mary

The gratitude you feel for just being alive
When each hurdle you're faced with just makes you thrive

The softness of a new born baby's skin
When you accept and nurture what's within

The second before falling asleep at night
Consoling a child who's had a fright

Accepting that we all live and die
Allowing yourself to be hurt and cry

The sensation you feel with a first kiss
Understanding that everything around you is bliss



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