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"Loz Visser is an outstanding person and an extraordinary teacher, in the best sense of that word.

In the few days I was with her, she identified and enabled me to deal with issues that were central to my life but holding me back. I was able to offload a massive amount of baggage.

I'd spent 20-odd years in a state of constant exhaustion and had given up trying to find out why. But in the six weeks since the course, I've experienced a fantastic surge of energy.

Now it seems obvious that my ever present fatigue was due to the weight of the burden I carried and have now left behind.

I learned so much from Loz and my life has moved on dramatically as a result. The external changes < miraculous! < are, I'm sure, the outer reflection of an inner shift at a profound level.

I feel happier, more comfortable in my skin and fully engaged with life.

Words aren't enough, but thank you Loz.

Clare Flowers
(Journalist, London)

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