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TS is a wonderful workshop/ retreat! I attended it with my husband in June 2008! I strognly believe it is a innovative and powerful tool for couples not only individuals. It helped me and Leonardo a lot to let go of another deep layer of 'shame' we unconsciously let run our life in couple and relationships at work.

TS lead me to my next level of growth. And kept me very much present ...'IN THE PRESENT', allowing my beautiful ESSENCE to come to surface and lead my life.... As a coach myself, I strongly recommend TS to all of you on a journey of self- discovery.

For people who have already attended other powerful workshops such as the Hoffman Process or Anthony Robbins or the Shadow Process or the Star Process, TS can be an extra major turning point in the process of gaining awareness, self-responibility and emotional freedom, moving on towards your dreams and vision!"

Elisabetta Franzoso
Communication Trainer and Coach

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