Transformed Self Testimonials

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I have undertaken a lot of personal development work so had high expectations of TS...I even flew from the UK to experience it. My expectations were met...and some. What can I tell you?! I laughed, I cried, I shouted, I shared, I faced my deepest and darkest fears....and through it all...on the other side, I found what lay waiting was a deeper connection to myself and others, a new understanding, true forgiveness, excitement about and a new respect for - LIFE. And now I find the sunshine seems brighter, the birdsong sweeter, I am connected to my essence and my heart is fully open.....with all that that brings....I am truly grateful. I am alive. ALIVE!

THANK YOU SO MUCH Loz and the TS team.

Donna Lancaster
Hoffman Quadrinity Teacher - UK 2009

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