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I did the first UK TS in March 2009 at Quenby Hall. At the time some things were working, but I was depressed and professionally I was hitting brick wall after brick wall. Being a perfectionist One on the enneagram, experiencing failure in the sphere I'd used to block everything out for years was excruciating. I felt so low and so negative that I couldn't tell the difference between my shame and who I really was any more - it didn't matter how much personal work I did, I just couldn't shift that. I had jokingly said to Loz a couple of years previously that if she ever brought TS to the UK I'd be up for trying it out and when the time came I decided I had nothing to lose. I knew from working with her before that Loz has an extraordinary gift for getting right to the heart of whatever is wrong, and although I knew very little about TS, I had a sense it was what I needed at that point.

Without spoiling the magic for those who might be considering doing it, Loz and Nicole led me to the edge of the cliff and told me there were no more excuses and it was up to me - I could choose to jump or stay stuck forever. With encouragement, love and a complete absence of judgment from twelve wonderful beings, I felt able to let go of the old stories at last and found not only that I really liked what was under there but that others did too. Grubbing around in the mud in a cathedral of oaks in such a fabulously ancient place, singing to myself, piecing together the archaeology, watching the wildlife and listening to the wind, I remembered who I am, feeling my roots deep in the earth. It was like waking up after being asleep for many years. And into the huge gap left by the shame I had released came a surge of happiness I have never experienced before, but which has been part of my life ever since. I felt good enough, possibly for the first time, and embraced my quirkiness instead of trying to hide it.

Loz said to me on the last day that she couldn't wait to see how I grew into myself in the months following TS. Within a few hours of returning home I was engaged and I married the great love of my life last October. My career, having changed course slightly, is now going from strength to strength. But the icing on the cake is that having felt for nearly all my life that I would never be able to have kids because I felt so defective, a year on I am now three months pregnant with my first baby and blissfully happy with my husband as we prepare for family life. And instead of feeling inadequate and that I have to get it perfect because otherwise the world will fall on my head, I am enjoying the fact that not being perfect means I can be grateful for what does work, and by being grateful I can be happy. My glass is no longer half empty, but at least half full!

Loz, thank you for keeping faith with me when everything else was crumbling and for never giving up on me. I am so grateful to you for being here and being you. 

With all love

Catherine Harris xxx
(Lawyer & Singer. Britain)


Testimonial 1 Year Before

I have just attended the first TS course in the UK and it has been a revelation. Quenby Hall was the perfect setting, comfortable and nurturing, steeped in British history and surrounded by ancient farmland and trees. Loz's gift for getting right to the core of issues, her unique insight into each person she encounters, her immense and varied human experience and her deep reverence for nature and the planet blend together in a masterful and gentle yet powerful workshop where deep healing is possible. I don't think I have ever felt this calm or this happy before, and problems that have blighted my entire life have become things I can laugh at and enjoy. I know who I really am, on a deep level, possibly for the first time, and have rekindled my connection with the earth in a way that nourishes me. I have a new excitement about life and cannot wait to see what happens as I begin to expand into myself. And the memories of the week the thirteen of us shared will endure for a lifetime. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Loz, you're a genius!

Catherine Harris

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