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Red blood boiled in every vein

Like the bright red flicker in every flame

Endless tears poured from my eyes

Because my entire life was built on lies

Over powered by my many fears

I kept deathly quiet for many years

All the secrets tore me up inside

With a twisted mind and both arms tied

One by one they took their turns

So one by one I buried their burns

I honestly believed it was all my fault

Every single, mind numbing assault

I had layers and layers and layers of shame

Felt I was the only one to blame

The concrete walls thick and high

Made even bigger with every lie

Then I met Loz a compassionate soul

And three years later TS was the goal

I finally released the layers of shame

And my hidden essence I did reclaim

At peace with myself and nature around

A happy little child is no longer bound

Thank you Loz for helping me see

What had been hidden for so

Kate Roach

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