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It was August of 2008 when my spiritual self guided me to Transformed Self. 

Transformed Self was the kick I needed to release the Chrysalis to enjoy the playful, colorful & beautiful butterfly inside me.

Even though my dearest friend was the one who planned to do it, it was me who was meant to be the lucky one to make it to Australia.

I had to trust my intuition to make it all the way from the Middle East to Australia after completing the Hoffman Process with HQP Teacher Loz Visser and the wonderful Hoffman team from Britain just a short time earlier. 

It was after doing the Hoffman Process that I could reach the core of me, and could touch the part, which always enabled me from experiencing the sense of full inner peace.

It was a challenge for me to surrender in order to go beyond my hesitation and walk through some old & tired negative feelings.

Transformed Self was successful in working & reinforcing me to face the blocks that kept me from feeling free & safe.

I appreciate my experience with Transformed Self and extremely grateful for the support & the understanding of my sincere TS group.

It was the mindful step I needed to take to embrace my essence, to reconcile & to enjoy the real me in the process of awareness & acceptance along the journey of my life!

Asya Bin Mahfood
(M.SpEd, Communication & Autism Therapist - Saudi Arabia)

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