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ESSENCE WRITING by Katrina Roach

The wind gently rustled the leaves in the trees around her.

She felt his strong arms envelop her as she stood gazing lovingly into his eyes, deep blue pools of water.

She felt transfixed by his beauty, his simplicity, his bright light. 

His warmth was intoxicating, burning into her soul leaving a trail of ash in its wake.

All she could see before her was his magnificence...colourful shades of red, green, yellow and blue...leaving a lasting impression on her.

She took a step forward trying to capture the innocence of his smile like a butterfly in her hand. 

His eye shed a tear falling gently onto her face, then another and another. 

She put her hand up to her cheek as if to shield herself from his pain.

The breeze touched her lips kissing them with a gentleness she wasn't accustomed to, it held her close like a lover would. 

She could feel his heart beating stronger as he caressed her hair running his porcelain hand through each strand as if to dye it with his brilliance.

As she stood she could feel herself tremble with each touch, each kiss, and she gasped as his hand pulled her closer.

He spoke...a booming deep voice...asking her what she was doing here, what did she want?

As she opened her mouth to answer him a deep kiss silenced her.

She looked up into his beautiful eyes, their innocence burning into hers.

A single tear gently fell onto her cheek as she answered, 'I'll never hurt you or take advantage of your bountiful can trust me'


Kate Roach


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